Privacy Policy

We grasp the meaning of private information to be necessary information in order for us to acknowledge the given individual to be the said person.

Handling of Private Information 

CoolProps hereafter referred to as “our company”, collect private information on this website for the purpose to develop and provide the best quality products for our members. There may be cases of shared use of the member’s private information by the companies which has the contract to work with our company. However, this is only for the purpose to produce the service for CoolProps.

Private Information Use Purposes 

We will never share member’s private information to the third-party without member’s consent, unless these following cases occur. 

When the member gives consent to share their private information. (This includes the consent for Terms of Use)

When it is necessary for our company’s legal interests and not infringes the interests of the member.

When our company is required to obey a legal obligation.

Handling of Direct Mail

There are times when our company sends direct mails to the members under the consent of the members.

Direct mail is a mail magazine sent via the internet to the members on a regular basis for us to provide various information regarding to current and future products and services of CoolProps. Members can opt-in and opt-out direct mails at any time.

About Cookie

We use “Cookie” on this website to confirm and access the registration information of the members.

“Cookie” is set when users register or log in and will be rewritten when users log out.

“Cookie” may be used for publishing advertisement.

Other Information and Warning for Handling Private Information

Please be aware that when you reveal your private information on the internet, there is a possibility that the third-party can collect or abuse your information.

We encourage our members to be careful when handling your own private information. We are independent from the third-party websites and services that you may access from the search results for “CoolProps” or linked content. We do not have any obligation or responsibility for any complaint, damage and abuse that you may suffer from these third-party websites.