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After agreeing to the following condition listed below, please continue to purchase the product.

・Please make sure to check if your shipping address matches the item's available area. Please note that we will have to take down your order when you chose to send the purchased product to not available area.
・Registering membership is required when using our online shop.
・Please understand that there might be minor scar or uneven coating during the process of producing the product.
・Pre-order item has the possibility of delaying the date of sale or being cancel. We will inform you whenever that happens.
・In the case of any kind of damage caused by accidents during delivery, and when it is confirmed that the carrier is responsible for, carrier can cover using the insurance. Please make sure to save any prove of your damage to show carrier. This is only available for un-used item.
・For One-time payment, the shipping charge will be charged at the time of your pre-order. When using Paypal checkout to make an installment purchase, we will charge the shipping fee after your full payment has been completed.
・Shipping fee is listed to each item's caution section.
・Our international distributor is D4Enterprise Co., Ltd. That is to say, when your order is in process via PayPal, D4Enterprise will issue you invoice.
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